From Rescues to Rockstars - The Ultimutts!

These incredible dogs and cats are world renowned for thier skill and talent as both tricksters but also as animal actors for hollywood blockbusters

With a unique, one of a kind show that features non-stop jaw dropping tricks, these beloved family pets and performance dogs ride skateboards, walk the tightrope, jump rope, handstands, basketball slam dunk and more!

Our Show

The unique talents of our dogs and cats have landed the 4-legged stars celebrity status and worldwide attention. Our one of a kind show features some incredible tricks including; Tightrope walking, walking handstands, skateboarding, scooters, piano playing, basketball slam dunk and more!

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  • Unique Tricks
  • Celebrity dogs
  • Fun for all ages
  • Trained cat!
  • Audience Participation
  • Animal Actors

Our Stars

Most of our 4 legged stars were rescued as unwanted pets. They are now very loved, live in our homes and sleep in our beds!

They are trained exclusively with positive reinforcement and love the mental stimulation of having a job. We spread the word about the importance of saving lives through adoption.

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  • Pickles the Boston Terrier
  • Popcorn the Rat Terrier
  • Lollipop the Boston Terrier
  • Tonic the Cat
  • Jellybean the Austrailian Cattle Dog
  • Sashimi the Bengal Cat
  • Bella the Boston Terrier
  • Pepsi the Lab cross
  • Snickers the Austrailian Cattle Dog

Upcoming Shows

Don't miss our 30 minute show - we perform at a variety of events from fairs, festival and more! Bring the kids (and sometimes the dog) to an event near you. The dogs bring joy to people of all ages!

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  • event The Fox and Hound Christmas Open House, Saturday, November 27th 2021

Booking Info

The Ultimutts are available for fairs, festivals, zoos, theme parks, schools, and more! We provide everything from gating, sound, flooring and celebrity dogs and cats. Email us for an information package at

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  • Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Zoos
  • Theme Parks
  • TV/Movies